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Since March 1st, 2011, all employers with six or more employees must provide information annually in order to determine whether they:

  • are subject to the Pay Equity Act;
  • have completed their exercise;
  • have evaluated the maintenance of Pay Equity in their company.

Swift Human Resources Montreal DEMES

Failure to Comply

Under Article 115 of the Pay Equity Act, the employer who does not submit an annual declaration commits an offence and is liable to substantial fines.

Note that the DEMES (Déclaration obligatoire de l’employeur en matière d’équité salariale) is a separate obligation from the obligation to achieve Pay Equity.

When and How to File?

The Commission will contact employers directly through the mail in order to remind them of their obligations and when they should file their declaration. Employers are encouraged to contact Swift HR for assistance in filing their DEMES.

For more information please refer to the May 2011 bulletin in our resources section.