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Pay Equity/HR Solutions


Swift Human Resources handles ALL our HR needs from Pay Equity to employee management. How do I describe SwiftHR and, in particular, Faye Swift?  She is committed, passionate, energetic, knowledgeable and professional. Above all, ” she cares “.

Simon Chang
Fashion Designer
Simon Chang Concepts Inc.


Our five-year maintenance was recently completed by Swift Human Resources Services and her team of specialists who swooped in, gathered all the documentation and did the exercise on time; they even re-formatted binders with pertinent documentation for future reference/audits and are just a call away.

Really a “clef-en-main” experience!

Nina Coniglio, BA, CHRP
Senior Director, Human Resources


Over the years, Swift HR has prepared the Pay Equity reports for numerous of our office’s clients. Swift has always provided a very professional service to our clients. When any of our clients were audited by the CNESST for the Pay Equity exercises prepared by Swift, they provided the help and support that allowed our clients to pass the audit without a problem. Faye was available to provide clear explanations for all the work done in the Pay Equity exercises and helped us answer all the questions asked by the auditors.

It was a pleasure working with Swift HR.

Rebecca Lezos, CPA, CA
Gavin Correa, CPA, CA


A big thank you to Swift HR for their excellent work on Pay Equity.  Faye and her team of professionals, Marème and Olga,
actually made the exercise painless for Prodco. It certainly was a pleasure working with all of you.


Claudia Beauchamp
Accounting Manager
Prodco International Inc.
Retail Traffic Intelligence


I am pleased to say that I was extremely impressed with Swift HR regarding the implementation of the Pay Equity norms in our company. They made something which seemed complicated so easy.
From start to finish the service was professional, high quality, consistent, friendly…first class.
I would highly recommend to anyone who needs HR resources to use Faye and her dedicated support team.

Barbara Eisenberg
Janor Imports Inc.
Studio Mode Import Inc.


Right from the start, Swift HR impressed us with their knowledge and their professional approach.
An approach that indeed inspired confidence. They completed our Pay Equity Exercise in a very efficient and timely manner.
Their service was incomparable and we look forward to working with Faye, Marème and Olga on other HR projects.

A big Thank You!

Rima Mahboub
Galerie de Bellefeuille Inc.


The well-trained personnel at Swift HR were entirely acquainted with all the procedures needed for us to complete our Pay Equity exercise and maintenance, and were totally up-to-date with all the latest regulations necessary for us to fully meet the terms of the pay equity law. Complying is a lengthy and complicated process. At all times the SWIFT team acted professionally and was a pleasure to deal with. I have no reservations in recommending their services.

Irving Tajfel
Neon Clothing


We engaged Swift HR to help us comply with Quebec’s Pay Equity Act. The personnel at Swift were extremely professional. They were easy to work with, met all deadlines and conducted themselves with complete discretion when dealing with our staff. I can recommend them without hesitation to anyone requiring their services.

Neil Greenspon CPA
Chief Financial Officer
METABRANDS International


Faye and her incredible team pulled out all stops to get our company on track vis-à-vis the Pay Equity study. We could not have asked for better or more personal help and care in completing this complicated program. They walked us through each step, helped us present the issues to our staff, and got us where we had to be with time to spare. It is without any hesitation that we would recommend SwiftHR to anyone seeking Human Resource services.

Mark Richer


We used SWIFTHR to execute the Pay Equity Exercise and were very pleased with their performance as a company and as individuals. We received the maximum help that we needed for this particular exercise and they showed professionalism when handling all issues.

We also used SWIFT’s services to implement an HR manual. This was very successful and beneficial to the company and employees. The implementation went smoothly due to their cooperation and understanding of our profile as a company.

The SWIFTHR personnel are pro-active and show a lot of passion towards their jobs which puts them on a higher level than any other company that offers the same services. SWIFT was recommended to us by our legal accountant and after our experience, I highly recommend them.

Samia Bassili
General Manager
Manhattan International Trade Inc.
D.E.S. Studio Inc.


SWIFTHR delivers an impressive degree of professionalism and ability.
Jim Wyant
Vermont Public Television
Public Television Association of Quebec


SwiftHR delivered an energetic and well received seminar “Optimizing the Employment Life Cycle”. In front of approx 100 leading insurance brokers of Montreal, Faye Swift kept their attention and kept them amused.

“four hours well spent”

“finally a course with information I can use”

“made me realize I can’t do it all myself…..HR is key to a successful business”

This course offered advice that was applicable to any size business and made owners, managers, and employees realize the importance of a well structured environment from the interview process to employee assessment and the appropriate corrective measures.

Warren Williams
Concordia Regional Association of Insurance Brokers


It was an agreeable experience working with SWIFT on our Pay Equity Maintenance. The SWIFT team was very tactful, very polite and especially very efficient. We will certainly use SWIFTHR for our future maintenance needs.

Anca Maican
M.K.Plastics Corp.


SwiftHR handled our Pay Equity. They served us in a very professional manner. Their knowledge helped us to clearly understand the procedure involved and thus made the process effortless. We would highly recommend them.

Mayda Dubman
Côte St Luc Hospital for Animals


Our company engaged the services of Swift Human Resources to help us with job evaluations. After one meeting together, SwiftHR went to work and compiled a comprehensive and professional report along with detailed instructions regarding the implementation of the recommendations suggested. Subsequently, a follow-up was made to ensure that any questions were answered and that we were fully satisfied with their service. We found the staff at SwiftHR to be friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful to our HR department. We would highly recommend Swift Human Resources Services for any HR needs.

Randy Byford
Directeur / General Manager
Ancrages Canadiens Hegedus Ltee


We find that when we need answers relating to HR issues, working with Faye and her group of dynamic people is always the best way to get quick resolution. Faye’s experience is second to none and her team’s no nonsense approach is always welcomed.

Robert Ste-Marie
36Pix Inc.


Whenever any of our clients receives a notification from the government regarding Pay Equity, we immediately recommend the services of Faye and her team at SwiftHR. Our experience using SwiftHR has shown that all of our clients have been extremely satisfied with their professionalism, knowledge and service.

Morty Hoch, C.A.


Our company has just completed a review of pay equity issues and we have been most satisfied with the services of Swift Human Resource Services. The Swift team was highly professional in their approach to this important issue and we were able to successfully complete the review in a very short time. I am pleased to recommend Swift Human Resource Services to companies dealing with specialized HR issues.

Jon Wasserman
John Warren Imports


Upon reception of a government letter, we were being requested to comply with the regulation of pay equity. Not knowing exactly what it consisted of and how to go about complying, a business associate referred us to Swift Human Resources. Upon meeting with Faye and her team, we were confident to give them the mandate because of the manner in which they explained the meaning and purpose of the regulation and the requirements needed to comply and because of their expertise in the matter.

We can confidently state that their dedicated team of professionals executed their mandate with extreme effectiveness and efficiency. Not only do we highly recommend their services but we will not hesitate to call upon them for future related matters.

Anthony Andreoli
Pacific Steel Inc.


We have done business with Swift HR concerning the pay equity exercise for our company and we have been delighted with their professionalism and their willingness to answer our many questions.

Their staff has always been courteous and acted with great tact and discretion towards our employees. We recommend their services to any company in need of consulting services in human resources. A big thank you to Faye and her team.

Arie Bettan
Globex Worldwide Courier


It was a pleasure working with Faye, Marème and Olga. It is satisfying to work with people that are knowledgeable and approachable. They made the whole pay equity process smooth and interesting at the same time.

Jeff Craig
Empire Stevedoring Co. Ltd.




Some agencies just find you a job. Swift helps you build a career. Like their logo, finding the right career fit is a puzzle. The experienced staff at SWIFTHR can help you match your skills with the right career path and guide you to the right place for training if you still have doubts. SWIFTHR has the ability to find the missing key to unlock the potential within a person and an organization.

Ingrid Goddard
Finance Officer / Agente des finances
Stabilization and Reconstruction Task Force (START) Secretariat | Secrétariat du groupe de travail pour la stabilisation et la reconstruction (GSTR)
Government of Canada


I never trusted an HR consulting company. I had the feeling that it was always the “how can we make money from you” attitude. That changed after I met Faye and the SWIFT personnel. Their approach was more the “what you want and where do you think you will fit better” attitude. They took the time to listen and more importantly to understand the path that I wanted. After that – one interview, got the job, still here …… Happy Ending.

Mircea Bruj
IT Analyst
Centre Miriam


I knew that my experience with SWIFTHR was going to be different than any other placement agency as soon as I walked in the door. First of all I was offered a cup of coffee! I was used to meeting with people to whom I became just another name in the database. But when I went to SWIFTHR, I met with an absolutely lovely lady who made it clear that she was very interested in finding me a position and was really listening to me. It was the first interview I had had where I felt positive. Sure enough, I heard from her the next day just to tell me that she would be in touch with me about the job. I eventually did get the position. The overall experience was so positive that the only referral I would give anyone seeking employment is to see the people at SWIFTHR.

Julie Gold


SWIFTHR was instrumental in helping us fill some key positions. They demonstrated expertise and the talent to understand our needs by recommending top notch individuals who were right for the jobs. The record speaks for itself. Those individuals are still with us today and continue to excel in their respective roles.

Graham Maisonneuve
Manager of Finance
Concordia University


We really appreciated the visit to our company to better assess our needs and understand our culture. SWIFTHR is a very professional company and due to expert screening, we hired the first candidate recommended.

Elaine Leiter
Adorable Junior


We are more than satisfied because SWIFTHR not only took the time to understand and evaluate our HR needs with a visit to our office, but also considered the EMPLOYEE FIT. Both parties are very happy.

Ben Benyamin
STI Telecommunications


Our company was in need of an Accounting Manager at our accounting offices. We were looking for someone to start immediately that would not only bring the skills and experience that we required, but also someone that would fit with our work environment and team. We contracted 4 different small and large human resources service companies like SWIFT. I can honestly say that the difference between the other three and SWIFT was astounding. The level of attention that SWIFT gave to our account was extraordinary, and I strongly suspect that this is the case for all of their clients. Not only did SWIFT place the absolute perfect person with us, but they did it with one CV. We received dozens upon dozens of CV’s from the other Human Resources companies. None of them addressed the requirements that we had for the position like SWIFT did. SWIFT simply took the time and made the extra effort needed to understand exactly what we wanted and SWIFT delivered that to us. Not only did SWIFT place this employee with us, but SWIFT also reduced our overall salary expense since we were able to take advantage of government subsidies. In short, what we received from SWIFT Human Resources was prompt, attentive service, the perfect accounting manager, and extra cost benefits on top of it all. Don’t even bother with other Human Resources companies because I can tell you from experience that they will simply be a waste of your valuable time. I would highly recommend Swift Human Resources’ services to anyone looking to greatly simplify the daunting process of finding the perfect employee.

Peter Ensio


It has been a great pleasure to work with a professional recruiting firm like SWIFTHR who treated our request with thoroughness and basically left me with the need to have only one interview before making my decision. It is with complete trust that I recommend using SWIFT HR Services.

Anna Fruchter
Chartered Accountant


We have successfully hired several employees in different departments using the services of SWIFT Human Resources. We are extremely satisfied and would certainly contact them for any future needs.

Fred Naimer
Union Lighting


From our very first meeting, SWIFTHR understood our business needs and found the perfect candidate (who has since been promoted). When we needed to grow a little more, the SWIFT Human Resources team repeated their winning formula and presented us with another perfect fit. There is no question the SWIFTHR team has contributed to our continued success and growth – a rare but important advantage to us when it came time to select a recruitment & HR consulting firm.

Gabriel de Puyjalon
Executive Director
Project Management Institute – Montreal


Kudos to SWIFT – employee searches for a small company is always a big challenge and the SWIFT team is right there to help make it an easier job. Faye applied the personal touch by coming to our offices to better understand our requirements. It was a pleasure dealing with Faye as she is intuitive, professional and has a wealth of information at her fingertips.

Debbie Okun
General Manager/Directrice


Without hesitation I would recommend SWIFTHR Services to anyone looking for a job with specific criteria. They have all the qualities that make good & effective recruiters; witty, patient, attentive to your needs & hard-working. Your problem becomes their problem until they find you exactly what you are looking for! Unlike the head-hunters who promise you things but never deliver, Faye got back to me within a week to tell me she had found me the perfect job, not to mention that she called me on a weekend because she couldn’t wait until Monday to reveal the good news! I’ve never been happier & I’m truly grateful to Faye & her team at SWIFT!

Communications and Marketing


The most amazing quality of SwiftHR is their ability to see new possibilities for their clients and candidates which we as individuals would never have considered on our own. By asking all the right questions and truly listening to the answers, SWIFTHR is able to find the “perfect match” even when it is not obvious to us. Place your faith in SWIFTHR and you will never be disappointed.

Normand Bernard
Director of Operations and Human Resources


Professional and thorough, Faye is a great listener, and a very accurate judge of character. I got the job on the spot and after only one interview! She has a definite “knack” for matching the right candidate with the right client. I would definitely recommend Faye & her HR firm to anyone needing help with finding a job.

Dianne Hillier
Product Development Coordinator


I realized that SWIFT is a very special company from the first phone call that I received. The way Faye interviewed me was very skilled; she made me feel so comfortable. I am very grateful for SWIFT’s assistance and am so very happy with my new job, the people and the working environment. I would recommend anyone looking for employment to deal with SWIFT because of their professionalism, encouragement and follow-up. They cared about my placement.

Milana Sycheva
Assistant Manager
9600 Meilleur


Thank you to SwiftHR for the great job that they did on the résumé which I needed for a potential client who wanted to see my past history.

Neil Bernstein, C.A.


SwiftHR has been instrumental in my career transition. Faye quickly tuned into my needs and understood where I wanted to be in my life. She provided me with solutions and opportunities that I didn’t even know existed. Faye goes over and above any other HR person that I have ever met. She believes in your dream. Her inspiration has set in motion a series of events that what was once a dream today is a reality.

Nicoletta Proce
Lester B Pearson School Board


We have hired two office employees from Swift Human Resources Inc. and have been extremely pleased with the entire experience. Faye and her team completely understood what our needs were and sent us prospects who were extremely qualified. The two girls that we hired are still in our employ and we would certainly contact Swift Human Resources for any future needs.

Ida Shein


I absolutely love the job, the people and the atmosphere here and I thank you again for giving me this job opportunity. If it wasn’t for you, this would never have happened!

Jaime Sheppard
Accounting Clerk